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Bright Azzurro Sea

written and created by Mary Mazzilli

Produced by David Ahlbrecht;

Film directed by Sarah Akigbogun

As part of the  Mercury Online Festival 2020

Saturday 22 August

A new short digital play about Covid-19 lockdown, Italian diaspora and family relations.        


Written in response to the current pandemic, with humour and a bit of drama, the play provides a glimpse into the lives of an Italian mother, based in Italy and her three daughters, who live in different cities in the UK. The three daughters are talking over a digital interface and, as usual, there is a lot of bickering till the mother joins in. The daughters are worried about what she has been up to, but Maria-Teresa, the middle daughter, has a secret of her own. 


Mother Maggie Evans

Ilairia Eugenia Caruso

Maria-Teresa Julie Matis

Serena Faye Bishop


Woman in the Water Anna Amicizia Fuina

Child (laughter) Seanluca Ahlbrecht


Rehearsal Director Fabiana Sforza

Film Editor Maria Karma Christodoulou

Finishing Editor

Chris Williams

The creation of this piece has been produced entirely remotely with all cast and crew working from different locations in the UK, Italy and Cyprus, and the footage has been recorded on mobile devices.

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