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Lumenis Associate Memberships

An Associate Member will help Lumenis with some of the roles within the company and work along all Lumenis productions. We are interested in intelligent, ambitious individuals who can commit their time and passion to assisting and enhancing Lumenis profile, especially we are looking for first-time producers with a creative flair.


In return, you will become an active member of Lumenis, and we will provide you with opportunities of training development in the area of expertise in the first year and the chance to manage YOUR OWN projects and productions in your second year.

Please send your CV and a cover letter stating why you want to join, area of expertise (how you can help Lumenis) and your future aspirations to 

mary [at]

Emerging Artists

​Lumenis is always looking to support and collaborate with emerging artists and/or other theatre companies.

Please send us your ideas, sample of your work, the CVs of the main people involved and a short proposal 

to info [at]

Script Surgeries

Lumenis Theatre is committed to new writing and runs a script surgery at a small cost of £15 for short plays and £35 for long length scripts.

Send your script to mary [at] and you will receive a full report within 2 weeks.


Lumenis is also planning to run a training development programme for new writers that will lead to a scratch reading of new short plays; to express your interest please send your CV and the first scene with a synopsis.  



Lumenis is committed to teaching and nurturing new talent, helping them to come to a better understanding of theatre and other art forms. We tailor workshops for corporate companies, theatre or other institutions and schools.​

For more information contact info [at]

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