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Casa / Magical Chairs

A theatrical dance piece choreographed by Annarita Mazzilli, with elements of structured improvisation, a collage of still images and stylized sketches inspired from typical everyday life situations. Big heavy coats come to life... Characters go through individual journeys... Sense of belonging and what makes a place home are questioned...

Lumenis has invited guest artist Annarita Mazzilli to create a physical theatre piece, This was also staged at The Camden People‟s Theatre as part of the Camden Fringe and again staged at The Blue Elephant Theatre in May 2011. The work explores the themes of cultural identity and personal alienation. It looks at the problems with cultural identification and integration despite living in a globalised changing culture. Human interrelation, sense of community and solitude are all part of the everyday struggle to fit.

The cast comprised both students from Idea Store – Tower Hamlet, London and 6

professional dancers. 

Choreographed by Annarita Mazzilli

Casa has also been performed at The Space (November 2009), Victoria Train Station (March 2010) and Bexleyheath Shopping Centre (May 2010) as part of BigDance and last year at the Camden People's Theatre as part of the Camden Fringe- click here for more info.

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