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Priority Seating

Lumenis Theatre Company with the support of University of Essex and Arts Council England present Priority Seating, a rehearsed reading of a new play written by Mary Mazzilli


Mercury Theatre Studio, Colchester, Essex.


17 November at 7:00 pm Running Time: 1 hour and 25 minutes

The reading was followed by an open panel with a team of experts and members of the public.

Exploring the themes of migration, travel and lost and found identity, this brand new play asks important questions about our contemporary society where social mobility between classes is only a thing of the past and migration, economic and otherwise, is considered by some as a present-day epidemic: Who has priority? Who does not? And who decides?

Four characters are on their respective journey to a place they can finally call home, to a new destination where they can fulfil dreams and expectations, to a safe place for themselves and their loved ones.

On the train carriage where the four find themselves, however, there is only one seat available. Who will manage to occupy this seat? How will they decide who takes the seat first? And most importantly will they all arrive at their destinations?

A dark comedy, a political drama imbued of real-life situations and absurdist innuendos, this play will challenge, entertain but above all will seek to open a debate on the importance of an open and accessible society.

Produced by David Ahlbrecht

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