“This is a beautiful and poetic insight into ageing from a very exciting writer…The plot of this finely tuned play is an excellent example of craftsmanship …excellent Martin Aukland as Dorian ….fantastic script” ****

—  Fringe Review, on Old Bags

"Engaging and very human stories"

- Published by Isabelle Gregson on Le Chaises, Monday 2nd July 2009 Website:  www.uktheatre.tv

"Nadia Shash is highly watchable as Janet, who seems to respond instinctively to the dramatic twists and turns of her character, and David McCelland is excellent as the persecuted priest."

"Mazzilli’s intense, poetic language flits between themes of sex and incest, imperialism and terrorism, compassion and retribution. It challenges and touches the audience, and despite striving to be a little too intellectually abstract at times, manages to engage from beginning to end.""If you want to see theatre that breaks away from the bog-standard commercial norm this is the show to see."

- Published by Oliver Valentine on Monday 20th July 2009 Website:  www.uktheatre.tv

"Mary Mazzilli’s The Wrong Sleep refuses to sit on the fence, nor does it wait on the sidelines."

"Mazzilli’s writing is poetic, strange and enlightening. The language very much in the style of Martin Crimp, giving the audience the reins in determining what is happening to the characters. Mazzilli’s style of theatre is excellent for a discerning, inquisitive audience member who enjoys a challenge. There is definite potential for this show to succeed in a longer run."

Fringe Review Camden Fringe 2008  Reviewed by Skye Crawford 13th August 2008

"Sibéal McGuinne gives a very poetic and touching performance as Vivian. Vivian’s scenes with Gloria (an impressive Suni La) are both tender and disturbing...the writing is of extremely high quality" 

—  UK Theatre Net, on Old Bags

"Sharon Enav’s direction brings a prickly tension"

"‘Attempts’ is performed with great panache by Mark Huhnen, Jennifer Pearcy-Edwards and Alex Kanefksy"

"‘Attempts’ that will blow you out of the water with its brave experimentation in form and charismatic performances"

Fringe Review Camden Fringe 2009. Reviewed by Honour Bayes

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Theatre that does not push an agenda, but reflects the world in which we live in all its complexity, beauty and ugliness.


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